Ehistorical experience in the construction of electrical systems, home automation, civil and industrial, with continuous updates, studies and research of new technologies.
Strong experience in the plumbing industry, civil, industrial and services, by using new technologies that enable higher returns and great energy savings.
Realisation of cooling systems for small and large environments with low power consumption through the use of heat pumps and new technologies.
historical experience in electrical systems and new technologies allow you to create cutting-edge intrusion detection systems also in homes.
Solar thermal, geothermal, associated with solar techniques are also applied to residential buildings.


  • assistenza tecnica

    assistenza tecnica

    Assistenza Tecnica: IPS-Impianti mette a disposizione il proprio staff tecnico per la risoluzione dei problemi di qualsiasi impiantistica, elettrica, idraulica,…

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  • electrical systems

    electrical systems

    Electrical Systems: IPS Srl based in Curtatone (MN) provides a historical experience in the construction of electrical systems, home automation,…

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  • troubleshooting service

    troubleshooting service

    Troubleshooting Service: IPS impianti makes available its technical staff for troubleshooting of any plant engineering, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and automation…

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  • renewable energies

    renewable energies

    Renewable Energies: solar thermal systems, centralized systems with heat pump, geothermal energy, associated with solar techniques are our strong point,…

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  • irrigation systems

    irrigation systems

    Irrigation Systems: IPS-impianti provides its innovation by designing and building irrigation systems for gardens, parks and green areas of any type…

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  • conditioning systems

    conditioning systems

    Conditioning Systems: IPS-impianti realizes plants of any type for cooling small and large rooms with low power consumption and energy saving…

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  • intrusion detection systems

    intrusion detection systems

    Intrusion Detection Systems: historical experience in electrical systems and new technologies allow IPS-Impianti to create cutting-edge anti-intrusion systems and bespoke private…

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  • hydraulic systems

    hydraulic systems

    Hydraulic Systems: strong experience in the plumbing industry, civil, industrial and service sectors, the cutting edge IPS using the new…

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certified company Tüv, Soa OG9, 0G10, OG11, OS3, OS28, OS30, F-Gas.

The company was founded in 1976 and subsequent years, with the development econimico, was consolidated with the participation in the management of children and trusted collaborators grew within the IPS. Today IPS SYSTEMS retains the characteristics of a family business; However, the realizzione of important impiastiche both in the field of civil construction in infrastructure that has made that a mold artisan society has become a reality with a real industrial organization.

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Phone: +39 0376.348232